CW Abbreviations

Abbrev. Word Abbrev. Word
ABT About OB Old boy
ADR Address OM Old man
AGN Again OP Operator
ANT Antenna OT Old timer; old top
B4 Before PSE Please
C Yes PWR Power
CFM Confirm RIG Station equipment
CUL See you later RPT Repeat; report
ES And RX; RCVR Receiver
FB Fine business SED Said
GA Go ahead SEZ Says
GA Good afternoon SIG Signal
GB Good bye SKED Schedule
GB God bless SRI Sorry
GE Good evening TMW Tomorrow
GG Going TNX Thanks
GM Good morning TT That
GN Good night TU Thank you
GND Ground TVI Television interference
GUD Good TX Transmitter
HI Laughter UR; URS Your; Yours
HI High VY Very
HR Here; hear WKD; WKG Worked; working
HV Have WL Will
HW How; how copy WUD Would
LID A poor operator WX Weather
MSG Message XMTR Transmitter
N No YF; XYL Wife
NIL Nothing YL Young lady
NR Number 73 Best regards
NW Now 88 Love and kisses